LPG cylinder delivery rules change from today: All you need to know

 If you are Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) gas cylinder subscriber then take note of this new rule that becomes effective from today.

Now, LPG cylinder subscribers have to furnish a one-time password (OTP) to get their LPG cylinders delivered at home.

For customers who are opting for home delivery of LPG Cylinders, Oil companies will implement Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). The Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) system of delivery is already operational in Jaipur.

How does it work?
Customers who want home delivery of their LPG cylinders will get a code on their registered mobile number. Successful delivery of LPG Cylinders will only take place when the customers provide the OTP Code to the delivery person.

Customers on their registered mobile number will get a code who want home delivery of LPG at their home. Delivery of LPG cylinders will only happen when a customer provides an OTP code to the delivery man.

Subscribers who fail to implement this new delivery system will face difficulty in ordering gas cylinders.

What Is LPG (Gas Agency-Dealership)

What is LPG

LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas which consists of propane butane mixture liquified under ambient
temperature and moderate pressure. It is used for standard heating and cooking purposes.

Characteristics of LPG

  1. LPG can be compressed in a ratio 1:270 This property enables LPG to be an ideal fuel which can be
    marked in portable cylinders.
  2. A combustible mixture is formed only if the gas/air ratio is between 1.8% to 9% concentration.
  3. LPG is odorless and colorless. Hence Ethyl Mercaptan is added to give typical odour to HP Gas in case of
  4. LPG in gaseous state is nearly twice as heavier as air and in case of leakage tends to settle down at floor
    level, particularly in depressions, pits, drains, etc. Therefore for safety purpose ground level ventilation is

Advantages of LPG

Over and above fuel consumption following are the major advantage for use of LPG.

  1. Portability: LPG in cylinders or Bulk can be transported easily to the locations or site.
  2. Ease of Control: Flame temperatures can be controlled.
  3. High Calorific Value: High Heat transfer efficiency.
  4. Own Storage:LPG stored in cylinders or bulk installations provide a greater degree of product security
    versus piped delivery system where the customers is affected the moment supply fails.
  5. Clean Combustion: While LPG burns there is complete combution, hence non-pollutant.
  6. Low Maintenance: Since there is complete combustion, no carbon deposits on burners in turn low


  • Cooking in Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Institutions
  • Water heating – Geysers
  • Bankeries/Lighting
  • Air-conditioning
  • Gas barbecue, Gardening,
  • Swimming Pools and Clothes drying.
  • Agriculture & Hotriculture Industries
  • Poultries/brick making
  • Flame Weeding, crop drying, waste incineration,
  • Distillation and powering equipment.

Leisure Industry

Even the leisure industry is greatly dependent on LPG. Outdoor grill/barbeque prefer LP Gas because there is
no messy charcoal to deal with temperature control is instantaneous, and no residual fire that may cause harm.
In outdoor Gardens mosquitoes can be controlled thru mosquito magnets using LP Gas equipment.
The above mentioned applications can be fueled either in packed form or as Bulk LPG which is supplied
centrally using either 19 / 47.5 Kg cylinder manifold system or a bulk facility normally located outside the main
building. The product is supplied through an internal piping system to the respective LPG applications.
Packed LPG is designed in 19 / 47.5Kg cylinders for commercial applications with smaller requirement. For
requirement of more than 5 MTs of LPG, bulk Installation with bigger LPG storage tanks is preferable.
At HP Gas, we provide end-to-end solutions to all your needs i.e. we will work with you to plan,
design, Implement and manage customized solutions that are suitable and economical to your
business needs. In case of new projects for conversion from other alternate fuels, such as coal, High Speed
Diesel, Electricity, Light Diesel Oil Etc. to LPG we propose a tumkey project with technical expertise to cost
effectively convert your processes from these fuels. in addition to above, we also offer maintenance, upkeep,
safety, CCOE clearances, statutory tests, to regular uninterrupted supply of LPG.
Over and above, we continuously strive to provide convenience to the customer by adapting to the current
needs and providing continued value-add-service.

Gas agency-dealership

Our agency is the best distributor of services. Our customers are satisfied with our services and the terms of services we are providing them. Our agency is running very well for the last few decades and we feel customer satisfaction is the most we should work on. We are working on the theme of making our society developed and pollution-free. We support the basics of CLEAN INDIA and SWACHH BHARAT and have provided distributorship to many eligible and capable people to maintain the same.


For any gas agency, dealership facility network of all the medium or can say the sector is very important as without connectivity we will not be able to reach your requirements easily. So we have a proper way to handle it. Moreover, the customers’ needs can be easily met and accessed if the system of the work stays connected.


This is one of the most vital and awareness service which we offer to the customers to keep them in contact and let them know the exact status of the applications and its further steps to be taken is well assisted by the customer care team members. They also take proper care of the task distribution and inquiries being dropped by the clients and revert back to them on time for smooth processing and fruitful output.


To be a certified distributor is a special requirement of the firm and providing service and getting certified by the corporate for the service provided is an add. The major portion which attracts the customers in enrollment and proceeding with the next step is the factor of trust and belief which one can have only when is rectified and is certified by the government as a responsible distributor.


The feedback of the customers is an important feature which adds up to the growth and prosperity of the firm we have a separate team for such type of feedback form handling and take care of the impacts the business makes in the society. They also provide the solutions to the customer care team to help the needy customers.


The team needs to plan the part before initializing the part enrolled in the service it requires a huge experience, to sum up, the entire calculations in one and plan off the requirements on a paper as it involves greater risk-taking and failure in one projects might costs of crores of rupees at a stroke. This is done by the people working in the industry for a long period of time.